Marie Madeleine Gautier



 It's a message of peace and tolerance. And tolerance is not even the right word ! Tolerance is accepting each other, put up with any people ; in fact my message is larger. It's the absolute necessity of exchange to evolve, to learn about each other : the exchange of cultures means the advance of culture.

I choose first the disproportions because I didn't want to demonstrate the evidence, the classical proportions or the modern standards : a woman with equilibrated forms means beauty. As many creators, I wanted to prove that beauty can be found in an other way. For example, in the representation of monstrous women (elephantiasis) whose arms and legs have different length, or women usually considered as ugly with short and big legs, or obese, and so on.

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When I was asked if I could think of another way to see carpets, being visual sculptor, I thought about volume, installation.

I saw these carpets as works of art: they are in fact systems with a carpet base.

This concept has inflamed my imagination and many projects have invaded my mind; once the carpet unrolled, it is enough to throw a handful of petals around for some, to lay pyramids of records for others or even to fix a projector, which, when turned on, will make flow the stream between the pebbles.

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Why these new jagged sculptures, appearing to some so different from the first ones which were so smooth and so round  ?

And yet, they are the same ones which I re-model in my new compositions. My world was and always is smooth and round, like my previous sculptures, which I still create. By frequently visiting the furnaces I began to like these places which are tough, noisy, dirty, where one gets hurt, creates and sees an artwork being born out of the fire.

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